Wednesday, January 4, 2012

. Oracle ranks as Leader in all content technology segments

Forrester Wave ranks Oracle as Leader in all content technology segments in their 2011 Q4 report.

However Forrester said "Oracle’s main weaknesses lie in its archiving and compound document publishing capabilities".

I think all of us agreed with that, where
  • Oracle Document Capture needs a lot of improvements (for example index forms design, and localization).
  • I am wondering why they offer IPM, we can do the same thing with UCM interface. 
  • Also Ad-Hoc scanning (scanning from Checkin page) is a big requirement that all customers I worked with are asking for.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 has finally gone and 2012 came

Happy New Year. There is no technical stuff here, I am just writing some thoughts.

2011 was tough year for me, and I hope to 2012 to be better.

In 2011 we had revolutions in Middle East, bad economic, and bad competitions between companies. I have realized a lot of things in 2011, to win business you need to play politics all the day. Corruption in Middle East is big and annoying and bothering me it is everywhere, and of course I am against it.

The new things I learnt and realized in 2011 makes me think differently now, and I discovered the biggest mistake I have done in my life which is making work and business my first priority which is like a cancer idea spreading in mind.

My advice to everyone, you must think about yourself, don't neglect it, and leave the queue make yours.

Corruption is corruption, please don't decorate it and don't give other names.

Invest in your happiness.

Displaying metadata field as checkbox

I think most of us knows how to Customize Oracle UCM 11g menus, and if not take a look at other blog posts like form this one from Kyle's blog: Modifying Navigation Menus in UCM 11g

But what if you want the menus to be based on Custom security roles that you have created, unfortunately it is not available out of the box. In the following lines, I will explain how to do that:

- When created your menus, you have overridden a resource include called CoreMenuItemsFlags
For example:

<@dynamicdata CoreMenuItemsFlags@>
id, flags

- Instead of using predefined permissions based on fixed roles like isAdmin, isLoggedIn, or isSysManager, we need to use permissions based on our custom roles also we need to write code once (I mean we will not change our custom code for every new role created).

- My approach is: if we have a new custom role called HR, then we will use a permission for the menu called isUserInSpecificRoleBillingAuditorHR, so the resource include will be

<@dynamicdata CoreMenuItemsFlags@>
id, flags
FUNCTIONA, isUserInSpecificRoleBillingAuditorHR

- Now the real story comes
We will customize a resource include called navigation_filter_rset_menu_item where we will add an extra check for our prefix isUserInSpecificRoleBillingAuditor, and according to the Role added to the prefix we grant users access to the menu item

<$elseif flags like "*isUserInSpecificRole*"$>
<$if strIndexOf(flags, ':') == -1$>
<$userInRole = strSubstring(flags,20,strLength(flags))$>
<$part1 = strSubstring(flags,strIndexOf(flags,'isUserInSpecificRole')+20,strLength(flags))$>
<$if strIndexOf(part1, ':') == -1$>
<$userInRole = part1$>
<$userInRole = strSubstring(part1,0,strIndexOf(part1, ':'))$>
<$if not userHasRole(userInRole)$>
<$tmpDeleteRow = 1$>

Note the extra check should be added after isContributor check

<$if flags like "*isContributor*"$>

Or you can read the resource include code and customize it as you want

Increase maximum number of folders and content per folder

Changing maximum content and folders per folder to be more than 1000 gives an error in UCM 11g.

It is not recommended to increase number of folders where user may got out of memory. The limitation comes from Java Runtime Environment. However sometimes you need to increase it a little.

The following steps explain how to increase it from 1000 to 2000.
- Browse to Oracle UCM configurations directory (for example /u01/oracle/ecm1/ucm)
- Then move to folders component configurations directory /cs/data/components/folders
- You will find a file called config.cfg
- Change the following parameters
- Restart UCM and test