Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heads won't get out of the sand

I work currently on a project in Saudi Arabia and my company faces some problems related about closing the project which took too much time, the problems is not technical ones but managerial ones. This made to think about the problem which I faced before in other projects.

The problem is that managers put their heads on sand when we talk about IT projects requirements and implementation. Also they interrupt you if you left them, i.e. you made some effort to get requirements and begin in implementation, then they interrupt you (they raised their heads from the sand but, just for a moment) and ask you to make some modifications, then they put their heads in sand again.

May be because they think IT projects are the responsibility of implementation companies only, and the IT projects are not important like other projects. So there are a magic solution to force them to get their hands out of the sand, which can be done by creating Concept of Operations document.

This document is like a magic wand, where it will contains all details you need people to know about project implementation, but note I don't mean technical document, I mean a document contains requirements analysis, recommendations about implementations, deliverables and other related info. For sure you need to get approve from managers that they received and reviewed that document. In projects like ECM projects, this document should be sent to CEO and Executive board too, because it s a strategic projects for all company departments.