Saturday, May 30, 2009

Site Studio 10gR4 tutorial

I am currently in the process of building Site Studio 10gR4 tutorial. I will try to help by giving you exact steps for building a complete website using most of Site Studio features. Actually I like the materials that I am using during my trainings for oracle partners which is based on Oracle University materials, and I will try to simulate them.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama In My University

Actually, from long time we heard that Obama will speak in an Islamic Nation, where he wants to send to Muslims around the world a message. I am Egyptian, and I was sure that it will be in Egypt, because Egypt is Islamic and Arab country, and we have one of the biggest Islamic organizations in the world Azhar, and may be the oldest one. Also Egypt is a very safe country.

But I don't care if Obama will give his speech in Egypt or Indonesia. The only thing that surprised me is that his speech will be in Cairo University (my university) and in the same place where Dr. Ahmed Zewail were giving a lecture in physics from about 5 years, and I was there. I am happy because I love my university :) and I wish it will return as a leader in education again.

Monday, May 25, 2009

That's what I love in trainings

Today, I got a strange bug with Site Studio 10gR4. I decided in the current workshop to use SS 10gR4, the attendees got a task to test how workflows will be used to modify and approve content before publishing it. The part of workflow approve and reject done with no problems.

But when they tried to use "check out and open" for a word document, and they failed, however the used content server user has both permission of the security group and the workflow step permission to edit. I tried to figure the problem, but I didn't succeed because I was thinking by the logical way (vertical thinking), where every thing is fine, nothing is wrong.

I logged into the content server and by the same previous user I checked out then checked in the same document, no problems I faced. I tried to use "sysadmin" user in the workflow by adding it to a step, and I discovered that sysadmin can use "check out and open" then I tried the same previous user again, and I succeeded to use "check out and open".

Ok I removed sysadmin from the workflow step, I discovered that the same previous user cannot use "check out and open".

I discovered the problem, I created users with no passwords and WebDAV doesn't accept them to use "check out and open" for a content in a workflow.

That is what I love in trainings "bugs"

"Open Source will allow Larry Ellison compete creatively with Microsoft, his favorite enemy"

I was reading a review from forbes which asks if oracle will kill mySQL or not. I think that's the first thing came to our minds when we heard that Oracle acquired Sun. I quote the title of this post from forbes' review.

Actually, I think Oracle is not that stupid organization to kill mySQL, they know what they are doing, and I think they are understanding the importance of Open Source and of course before buying SUN they understand that.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Egypt from WolframAlpha eyes

Actually I heard about WolframAlpha from my friend Amr Gawish from about month and he explained to me how it will be working, I also read different posts talking about it like Bex's and Billy's posts.

I know Wolfram Mathematica , where I was studying mathematics in faculty (Amr too), and I trust Wolfram because when mathematicians say that they can do something, they will do it :)

I searched for Egypt in WolframAlpha, and I got very good results, I think the best result that I can get, even - for me - better than Wikipedia because when I am searching for a country I want to get fast facts about it. But I think still it to be improved because I searched for other things and I didn't find them.

Well done, Keep on Wellfram.

"SS Link Form for the WebLogic VCR adaptor for UCM"

A new component has been released called " VCR/SPI for Site Studio 10gR4", this new component is only of interest to WebLogic customers using the VCR adaptor to connect to UCM as a repository. The link form allows content authors to add item links to the Site Studio data file in a way that the VCR will recognize.

Also I wish I will be to test it when I return to Egypt.

"JRockit with Content Server"

I was talking from days with some guys, and I was telling them about if we installed Oracle Content Server with JRockit, the content server will be faster, for example, we can create a lot of folders and check-in a lot of content in the same folder using WebDAV.

Today I was taking a look at Oracle Website if there are a new components has been added or modified, I discovered that there a new component has been added that will allow us to use JRockit with CS. Unfortunately internet connection in Nigeria is slow and I cannot download that component to test it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nigeria =

Someone: What is your opinion in Nigeria?
Me: Well, Nigeria = Rich Country + a lot of poor people

Someone: Why are you saying that?
Me: Because people there owns very good cars which are very expensive, and real state there is expensive

Someone: But it's the same in Egypt
Me: No because cars here are newer and better even car prices in Nigeria are higher than Egypt, and real estate in Nigeria much exepsive

Someone: mmmmmmmmmmmm

Someone: What's about the Oracle UCM workshop?
Me: The workshop is going well, people in Nigeria want to learn, and they are accepting ECM concepts but I wish they practice what they learn in real projects.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Accounts & Editing Workflow

Today during Oracle UCM workshop in Nigeria, I discovered something related to Accounts and workflows.

If in some step in a criteria workflow, and you chose the workflow step permission equals to "users can review and edit (replace) the current revision", then in the workflow process the user tried to modify "Account" metadata field value for the content in the same step, you will got an error, however the user has the write permission on the account and security group for that content.

The problem is with workflow step permission "users can review and edit (replace) the current revision", which will not allow you to modify the account while it is replacing the existing revision.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New post from Nigeria

I am currently in Nigeria, where I am providing Oracle UCM implementation workshop. That country is very crowd, actually I didn't like it. They should learn more about civilization :)

I don't know what I say, may be in the next post I can say something :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Philosophy of The Last Samurai

I like that movie because we can learn a lot about management, in the following lines I will write in brief what we can learn

- At the beginning of the movie when they tried to hire "Nathan Algren" in the Japanese army, they found him drunk however he was able to shoot by the gun perfectly

When you have the experience in some field, you can do any task related to that field easily and quickly

- When Nathan was learning how to fight like samurai, someone told him to concentrate

While we are working, we should concentrate on our work and we should forget anything else especially personal staff

- When he was learning how to fight like Samurai, the teacher was tough with him

The teacher was tough because he wants Nathan to be like him

- The Samurai leader was responsible for entertaining his community

Managers should not forget that there should be a time for giving a break to employees

- When the Samurai fighters decided to fight against an army with guns, they didn't choose to learn how to fight using guns

Because they are not perfect in using guns and they are perfect with swords, can kill more people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009