Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to move Vault and Weblayout Directories???

Most of the time you want the vault and weblayout folders to exist in a storage server (for example on SAN storage). You can do that during installation of UCM, where you will be asked for the location of the Vault and Weblayout directories, but if you forgot to do that, no problem you can change the location of the two directories.

In the following lines, I will tell you how to change the location of the two directories:

First I will suppose that we have a shared directory on the file server in which we will move the vault and weblayout directories, let us suppose the shared directory named "\\stellent-share\"

  1. Stop the content server
  2. Stop the webserver
  3. Move Vault and Weblayout directories to "\\stellent-share\"
  4. Edit the following configuration files

    and add the following entries
  5. In the currently used Web Server, change the location of the weblayout in the website settings

    Note: You need to create a mapped drive the new location of the weblayout directory (with win, use PUSHD command), which will be used with Web server settings

    If for example I mapped "//stellent-share/weblayout" to "Z:", in Apache the configurations will be

  6. Restart the web server
  7. Restart the content server
Don't forget you can do the

Sunday, June 21, 2009

UCM Workshop in Nigeria

I am late in posting this photo for attendees of Oracle UCM Workshop in Nigeria and me, that is because I received it from a week and I was busy. I'd like to thank Rasaq Hanafi for sending that photo, he is not in this photo, but he was one of the attendees and I think he is one of the most active attendees in the workshop.