Saturday, August 9, 2008

Leadership and Management

‘Leadership is doing the right things, Management is doing things right

I heard and I read these words a lot. Although they are easy words, I think they are confusing too for most of us. I will explain them in my opinion next and I hope it will be helpful.

Managers are leaders, so managers should do the right things, which means they take the decsion, they are decsion makers.

Managing our work or our tasks is different where we have things needs to be done, we should do them right. But we didn't choose these things, leaders did.

Leaders manages and leads, but normal employee manages their work only.

I think good leader need not read about this, because he is a good leader and he knows that intutively.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rats are the first jumpers

When the ship is drowning, rats are the first jumpers

I think they jump because they are not fool, it is drowning, they are not fools or cowards, but they working in background, I don't like that.

I am seeking for a job

Really I am seeking for a job in content management field, where I resigned. I took a risk by working in new company for the third time, and I think it is not easy to have a company in Egypt that can grow quickly. May be this is the first time I begun searching for a job most of the time, I have been offered the job and I accept it. But I want to get some stability this time by working in a big enterprise, I wish I can find the job that I want and that can make use of me. I want to be consumed and awarded in the same time :) I mean I want to work hard in professional environment.

Sharepoint versus Oralce UCM

I have been asked a lot aboout the difference between Oracle Universal Content Management, and I even asked myself. I am Oracle Content Management developer, but I have not developed or used Sharepoint either as content management platform or collaboration platform. But I heard that Sharepoint is not strong as UCM, but no evidence I read. I found a research paper that talks about that difference and I support it, I quote the following from it

Microsoft does not have the goal of delivering information lifecycle management. So it is not at all surprising that Microsoft does not offer an enterprise-scale content management platform or product. We have heard from some clients that they were expecting robust content management from the SharePoint product, but SharePoint was never intended to provide this. What it does provide is a set of collaboration services that can be leveraged within SharePoint to allow groups to use content interactively either through integration with Outlook or corporate intranets.

For more click here, wrote by Tony White and produced by The Gilbane Group

Monday, August 4, 2008


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