Monday, May 24, 2010

Stars in Kuwait

I am currently working in a project in Kuwait, they are using Star Names for naming servers' hostnames. For me it is the first time I work with stars :D now I am interested in meaning of star names because of this project thanks to Jasem who is owner of this idea.

I was searching for star names and I came across an interesting website WikiSky. I like it so much and I think it deserves a look, you can get which stars is above you right now, can you imagine?

Now I will list the stars (servers) which I am working with

Chara          Joy
Chort          Small rib
Electra        Amber/Shining
Homam      The high-minded man
Nunki         "of Enki" (Sumerian god of waters & of most ancient city of Eridu)
Porrima      Roman goddess of childbirth
Yildun        Star
Lesath        Sting
Matar        Rain

By the way, after I saw the meaning of some stars, I am surprise, because some names are Arabic names like Matar. Anyway I liked the idea of using the star names for servers' hostnames.