Monday, February 9, 2009

I was confused because of SecurityFilter component

I am in a workshop in South Africa, and before I begin in exploring WebDAV, I installed HowToComponents sample, then suddenly While I am exploring WebDAV administration I discovered WebDAV is not working. I tried to resolve the problem but I failed where I was thinking the problem may be from WebDAV configuration or from Folders component. So I returned to the last snapshot of my lab virtual machine.

The story not ended yet, I discovered on of the attendees is facing the same problem and of course I should resolve it - I can not escape :)-

I was sure that the problem is trivial one but when I discovered that problem is from SecurityFilter component (part of HowToComponents bundle), I wanted to kill myself because I face the same problem before from 1.5 years.

Don't use SecurityFilter sample component with WebDAV


John Sim said...

I recently wrote my own security filter and am having issues now with getting it to work nicely with DIS :(

I`m waiting on Oracle support to get back to me..

Anonymous said...

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