Monday, March 9, 2009

Saudi ECM Workshop

I were in Saudi from 10 days where I was completing the Second part of ECM workshop which was for Site Studio. That was the forth workshop in which I was giving Site Studio and in two of the workshops I gave UCM administration too.

What I noticed in these workshops that attendees like Site Studio very much and I asked myself "why?", I think the answer not only because of Site Studio is very good, they liked it because in Site Studio they created a complete website in couple of days but in administration they are learning some administration tasks where in the workshop design we didn't have a complete business scenario. We created the workshops based on Oracle University materials, but I am willing to modify our company ECM trainings to be more powerful, this by concentrating how to apply what you learned in a real case scenarios.

But of course, in general the training is not sufficient to develop and have a successful implementation for UCM. Training just will accelerate your learning path, and will prevent you from getting lost.

In Saudi workshop, we were lucky because we saw Oracle E2.0 VP Andrew Gilboy. He told us that ECM is the most growing technology in Oracle, and I think especially in Middle East. Also I see a from Oracle lot of care about partners, Oracle is trying to help partners so much. I wish for all partners to have successful implementations for UCM.

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