Saturday, April 25, 2009

Avoid ExtranetLook Component

The first time I used ExtranetLook component, I liked it, because of the log-in screen, and log-out functionality. But later I discovered that this component is not compatible with other UCM components, as an example this component sometimes you will not be allowed you to log-into the Content Server using Site Studio designer, another example you will not be able to index scanned into the content server using Dynamic Converter.

I don't know why Oracle is releasing that component, and in general why they are releasing incomplete components???

I recommend anyone to not use ExtranetLook component.


Jeremy Higgins said...

I semi-disagree. We use the extranet look component in relation to our B2B Extranet site to assist with form based login. We have run into a few snags here and there... and we do have issues getting into Designer but we have found workarounds.

Overall the component does what we need it to do. We are also enabling cookies through this component as a config setting.

Hisham Galal said...

You said workaround, if I am in your place, I will create a new component to provide me with what I need :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hisham, please note if you need to login into UCM using Arabic login names will be MUST use extranetlook component which is make a problem with ODDC and ODC it stopes the checkin process (indexing) - if you have any solution for that issues let me know, thanks - Ahmed Sami