Friday, March 27, 2009

OnLive & Web 2.0

OnLive will change our way in playing games, it is a revolution in Games platforms where you can play any game online without installing it on your PC. I think it will dominate on Gaming market, and PlayStation will not be able to compete with OnLive.

OnLive will change our way in thinking in and dealing with internet, where we will play high resolution games online and that games will be hosted there. Also players will create virtual friendships and they will have profiles by which you can see what they are palying right now and also palyers can save scenes of their games. OnLive will be one of Web 2.0 applications that will change internet for ever.

Visit OnLive website.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Riyadh ECM Workshop

I'd like to thank all attendees in Riyadh ECM Workshop for their cooperation and their effort in learning UCM.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Records Manager overview

I created a presentation for Records Manager overview, that explains just Records Manager concepts

Records Manager Component
View more presentations from hishamgalal.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lawrence Ellison

I was reading "The World's billionaires" list inside forbes and I discovered that Bill Gates becomes #1 in the list again, and I've been surprised when I saw Lawrence Ellison becomes #4 in the list. In some words that means IT giants are still standing and they are still making money.

I quote the following from forbes

Net Worth:$22.5 bil
Fortune:self made
Country Of Citizenship:United States
Residence:Redwood City, California
Education:University of Illinois, Drop Out,
Marital Status:married, 2 children

Database titan continues to engulf the competition; Oracle has racked up 49 acquisitions in the past 4 years. Bought BEA Systems for $8.5 billion last year. Still sitting on $7 billion in cash. Revenues up 11% to $10.9 billion in the six months ended November 30; profits also up 11% to $2.4 billion. Stock down 25% in past 12 months. Invested $125 million in Web software outfit Netsuite; took public in 2007, stock has fallen 80% since. His shares still worth $300 million. Chicago native studied physics at U. of Chicago, didn't graduate. Started Oracle in 1977. Public 1986, a day before Microsoft. Owns 453-foot Rising Sun; built a smaller leisure boat because superyacht is hard to park. Squabbling in court with Swiss boating billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli over terms of next America's Cup. Recently unveiled hulking 90-foot trimaran he intends to use to win it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inbound Refinery & OpenOffice on linux

I installed Inbound Refinery on Linux, and I want PDF conversion to be enabled, so I installed PDF Converter component and OpenOffice component. I did this using Inbound Refinery installation guide and PDF Converter installation guide. I did the installation successfully but I got an error during conversion.

The error says “The refinery's post converted queue stated that Content ID: 'TESTWORDDOC' converted successfully but the converted files could not be found”, I tried to find a solution and I reviewed the instllation guides, Intreadoc_User group, and Oracle MetaLink mutiple-times but I dind't find anything I did wrongly. After a lot of attempts I discovered that OpenOffice on linux should be strated using "Super User"

so I used that command to start OpenOffice

>sudo soffice "-accept=socket,port=8100;urp;"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Saudi ECM Workshop

I were in Saudi from 10 days where I was completing the Second part of ECM workshop which was for Site Studio. That was the forth workshop in which I was giving Site Studio and in two of the workshops I gave UCM administration too.

What I noticed in these workshops that attendees like Site Studio very much and I asked myself "why?", I think the answer not only because of Site Studio is very good, they liked it because in Site Studio they created a complete website in couple of days but in administration they are learning some administration tasks where in the workshop design we didn't have a complete business scenario. We created the workshops based on Oracle University materials, but I am willing to modify our company ECM trainings to be more powerful, this by concentrating how to apply what you learned in a real case scenarios.

But of course, in general the training is not sufficient to develop and have a successful implementation for UCM. Training just will accelerate your learning path, and will prevent you from getting lost.

In Saudi workshop, we were lucky because we saw Oracle E2.0 VP Andrew Gilboy. He told us that ECM is the most growing technology in Oracle, and I think especially in Middle East. Also I see a from Oracle lot of care about partners, Oracle is trying to help partners so much. I wish for all partners to have successful implementations for UCM.