Thursday, April 30, 2009

They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit.

I qoute these words from SwordFish movie

"They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit."

I like these words, and I can use the same words for microsoft products :) 

I am not enemy to microsoft products. But Microsoft's pyramids secret is how they can do that??? I think they do this by making their applications look and feel user-friendly. Also they concentrate on easiness of use and even of development.

What I want to say is 
How can we make shit undelievable?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Views & Resultsets

If you have a view and you want to use it within your code, I mean that you want to loop on the view data to display that data, - using IdocScript- you can get a resultset from that view, then loop on that resultset to display its data.

As an example for how to do that, let us assume that we have a view called view1

view1", "", "")$>
<$loop SchemaData$>

PopUpCalendar component

I was creating a custom checkin page using IdocScript, and in that template I had a metadata field of type date. So I discovered that I need a pop-up calendar, where the user will not care about formating dates.

In Content Server, I found that there are a component called PopUpCalendar which adds pop-up calendars to checkin and search pages. So I said, I should use the same calendar object to give to my custom checkin page the same look and feel.

Note: This component is taken fromYahoo Developer Network, you can find there a lot of useful javascript objects, and part of the content server scripts are taken from there.

So to use that component in your template, do the following

1- If you will use it for custom checkin template, add the following include
<$include std_checkin_html_head_declarations$>

2- If you will use it for custom search template, add the following include
<$include std_query_html_head_declarations$>

3- Now I will assume that we have a metadata field called xPublishDate and we want to have a popup calendar for that field

<input id="xPublishDate" name="xPublishDate" size="20" maxlength="30" value="" type="text" READONLY>
<a href="javascript:pucToggleCalendar('xPublishDate')" style="vertical-align: middle;">
<img style="cursor: pointer; vertical-align: middle;" src="<$HttpWebRoot$>images/PopUpCalendar/calendar.png" border="0" width="20" height="19">
<script type="text/javascript">
pucCreateCalendar({ id: "xPublishDate", caption: "Publish Date"}, "xPublishDate");
<div id="puc_panel_xPublishDate_div" style="display: none;">
<div class="hd">Publish Date</div>
<div class="bd">
<div id="puc_calendar_xPublishDate_div"></div>

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Avoid ExtranetLook Component

The first time I used ExtranetLook component, I liked it, because of the log-in screen, and log-out functionality. But later I discovered that this component is not compatible with other UCM components, as an example this component sometimes you will not be allowed you to log-into the Content Server using Site Studio designer, another example you will not be able to index scanned into the content server using Dynamic Converter.

I don't know why Oracle is releasing that component, and in general why they are releasing incomplete components???

I recommend anyone to not use ExtranetLook component.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World Without Nuclear Weapons

An initiative for removing nuclear weapons from our world. They are collection online signatures and I gave them mine, I wish you will give them yours (

I signed on the following words

”We, the undersigned, believe that to protect our children, our grandchildren and our civilization from the threat of nuclear catastrophe, we must eliminate all nuclear weapons globally. We therefore commit to working for a legally binding verifiable agreement, including all nations, to eliminate nuclear weapons by a date certain.”

But If we removed all the nuclear weapons, and some aliens came from the space with dangerous and fatal weapons, what can we do? :D no aliens are there, just we should remove those nuclear weapons from our world.

"Oracle Buying Sun" Wow

Oracle is acquiring Sun, It is a big surprise for me, and I don't know how Oracle will manage this.

Read this


Watch this

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Document Types

From two months, I want to blog about document types, that's because of the importance of document types and some people misunderstand document types' uses.

In Oracle UCM, defining document types is very easy just add document type label and description, so some people are thinking that it's just a list of values for Document Type (dDocType) metadata field. That's a big mistake.

The first thing I will do when I am setting with the customer in requirements gathering sessions, I will ask him about business classification of documents in his organization, that classification is document types.

After that, I will verify the list, may be I can find some missing document types or extra document types, I mean I will normalize and optimize document types until I get the final complete list.

Then, for every document type I will get the associated metadata fields. Like if I have document type called "Invoice", I need the following metadata fields [Invoice Number, Invoice Total, Customer Name, Discount, Cashier Name, etc .....].

In the case of Oracle UCM I should not repeat the metadata fields that are associated with more than one document type. After creating the metdata fields in UCM, you should create content profiles and content rules, so that we will have entry, search, information screens for every document type (or for every group of document types).

In some other Document Management Solutions like Sharepoint & Documentum, document types are created in a tree, where for every document type you have different metdata fields and child document type can inherit metadata fields from the partent document type.

Which of the two approaches (flat-like document types or tree-like document types) is the best. In my opinion UCM (I didn't say UCM because I am UCM expert), where UCM offers you the flexibility in managing metadata fields and in creation of content profiles.

In next post I will post about documents types in Oracle UCM.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I cannot create a WebDAV Folder

I was trying to create a WebDAV folder where I have UCM installed and Desk-Top-Integration suite installed too. I didn't install UCM on that environment, just I installed DIS and some other components, suddenly discovered I cannot create a WebDAV folder.

I tried to find the problem, but I didn't find any where I checked folder_g component and it's working, DIS installed correctly, CS is working, and Folder configurations is absolutely correct. So I asked myself what's the problem, after thinking I said that the installation of CS is not done correctly, something is missing.

So I begun in taking a look at CS installation. I discovered that there are two web-filters in IIS and they are referring to the same ISAPI filter file. That is the problem WebDAV tries to use both on the filters.

Please install Oracle Content Server correctly or don't install it at all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twitter wolrd but we miss it in Egypt

Tiwtter is not well-known here in Egypt and in Middle East in general, but I know everything about twitter even I am member in and I wish it will be popular here in Egypt too because I like it so much.

Take a look at that funny slides about twitter, you will like it