Sunday, July 10, 2011

CouchDB: Document Based Database

Did you notice that screenshot, we have something like metadata here !!!

A friend of mine (Amr Gawish) told me today about a new database engine project which I found interesting, it is called CouchDB which is a document oriented database. It is about semi-structured content as I read from Apache (for me it is about unstructured content) which manages and stores documents.

The interesting part about CouchDB is that you can use JSON and AJAX to work with database, so Google Web Toolkit will fit here too :D

The important questions, is that which future waits CouchDB? Is it practical?


Amr Ismail Gawish said...

Check out this article

Hisham Galal said...

Ok but we are talking about version 1, and sure they will have challenges so the question is "will they fulfill the challenges?"

The more features added the more adoption they will get