Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 has finally gone and 2012 came

Happy New Year. There is no technical stuff here, I am just writing some thoughts.

2011 was tough year for me, and I hope to 2012 to be better.

In 2011 we had revolutions in Middle East, bad economic, and bad competitions between companies. I have realized a lot of things in 2011, to win business you need to play politics all the day. Corruption in Middle East is big and annoying and bothering me it is everywhere, and of course I am against it.

The new things I learnt and realized in 2011 makes me think differently now, and I discovered the biggest mistake I have done in my life which is making work and business my first priority which is like a cancer idea spreading in mind.

My advice to everyone, you must think about yourself, don't neglect it, and leave the queue make yours.

Corruption is corruption, please don't decorate it and don't give other names.

Invest in your happiness.

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Andre said...

right! I agree 100% with you man.
See ya!