Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Integrating Universal Content Management with Active Directory

Here I will list steps for integrating Active Directory with Universal Content Management, then I will list troubleshooting tips for this integration. I wish it will be helpful for someone.

Integration Steps

1. Create organization unit in Active Directory named Stellent

2. Create a sub organization unit under Stellent named Roles

3. Under Roles create AD Security Groups with the same name as UCM Roles (like contributor, and admin)

4. In Content Server Home Page, open Admin Server page

5. Open Content Server instance that we will integrate on

6. Open Internet Configuration page

7. From Use Microsoft Security options choose Active Directory Security option

8. Restart Content Server for the current instance

9. In Content Server Home Page, under Administration tab open Filter Administration page

10. In front of Active Directory Security, click on Configure link

11. Under Role Prefix, add the following “OU=Roles,OU=Stellent[1]”

12. Click Update, at end of the Filter Administration page

13. Restart Content Server, and IIS (restart IIS from Servcies)

Troubleshooting Steps

If you faced any problem after the above steps, check the following

1. In IIS, open Direct Security, for Content Server website, then edit Authentication and access control, then ensure that Anonymous access and Integrated Windows authentication are enabled. After modification restart IIS

2. In Active Directory and Active Directory Configuration page (in Content Server Home Page) ensure that you didn’t misspell organization units names and AD security groups

3. In Active Directory Configuration page (in Content Server Home Page) ensure that you didn’t but spaces between words under Role Prefix

4. If you still face a problem restart IIS (from Services, not from Administration), and Content Server.

5. At last, if you still face a problem ensure you did the above steps well, and Restart Windows

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