Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oracle WCM training

Last week I provided Oracle Web Content Management Training under Oracle university. It was the first one in the Middle East, and I am happy for that, and I think I did it well.

I wish I will provide all Oracle Content Management Courses, and I wil e able to improve ECM skills in Middle East

By The I didn't take any course in Oracle Content Management, where I depened on myself. I think self learning is very useful but most companies will wait and most people have not this skill.


dhiren said...

HI Hisham, Congrats! can you please help what is course contents for Oracle ECM trainings and how to avail it. any link for course details. congrats again. - Dhiren

Hisham Galal said...

Hi Dhiren, thanks for ur comment. According to your location you can find the course try that link,

Also my company is Oracle certified training center in Egypt, we can provide to you that training there.

If you are in Middle East, we will begin in next week a new training in behalf of Oracle that training will be held in Oracle office in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and that training is very cheap one because Oracle pays most of the cost for Oracle Partners.

DhirenShah said...

Hi Hisham, it was to good to hear from you. link provided was helpful to locate training center. can you please help me with course contents. thanks once again.

Hisham Galal said...

Hi Dhiren, for WCM, you should apply to two courses "Site Studio Fundamentals", and "Advanced Site Studio"

"Site Studio Fundamentals"
Oracle Site Studio: Overview
Contribution: Overview
Editing Content: Working with Native Files
Reviewing Web Pages
Editing Content: Working with Data Files: Text and Images
Editing Content: Working with Data Files: Tables and Links
Working with Lists
Contributing Content: Using Oracle Content Server
Contributing Content: Using WebDAV
Creating Your Web Site
Creating Layout Pages
Designing Layout Pages
Setting Up Contribution: Defining Contribution Regions
Setting Up Contribution: Working with Elements
Setting Up Contribution: Validation Scripts and Object Properties
Creating Layout Pages: Primary Page
Extending Your Layout Page
Creating Layout Pages: Secondary Page
Working with Native Content: Creating Dynamic Converter Templates, Layouts, and Rules
Working with Native Content: Editing Dynamic Converter Templates
Creating Layout Pages: Error and Search Pages
Working with Designer
Site Manager
Working in Designer
Educating the Contributor

"Advanced Site Studio"
Deploying a Dynamic Web Site
Deploying a Static Web Site
Site Studio Administration Page
Custom Object Properties Forms
Custom Validation Scripts
Custom Elements
Using Idoc Script
Creating Custom Fragments
Custom Fragments: Adding Assets and Parameters
Using a Cascading Style Sheet with Dynamic Converter
Options Available Only While in Contributor Mode
Extending Your Web Page with Custom Section Properties
Custom Static Lists
Custom Dynamic Lists

But note for "Advanced Site Studio", the course is out of date and contains some old information that is currently not applied, but there some important lessons in the course that you need to know.

DhirenShah said...

Hi Hisham,

Thanks a lot. topics are for wcm, i am also looking for ecm (entreprise content management). thanks again. i have troubled you a lot.

Hisham Galal said...

No problem, I love two things helping people and sharing knwoledge :)

DhirenShah said...


very often when everything around is calculative, one comes across rare people, thier thoughts reaffirm ones faith and confidence in people.
feels good to come across someone who thinks like that.

anyways, please help me with course topics for Oracle ECM.

Hisham Galal said...

Hi Dhiren, ECM solutions in oracle are a lot. If you mean oracle UCM, in UCM you can get the following courses, UCM essentials and UCM administrations.

In general, we give the following courses UCM essentials, UCM administrations, Site Studio fundamentals, and Advanced Site Studio

Anonymous said...

hello hisham, could you help me that i need to make a section on a page which is "Add comment" but after user login on a web site desigend by WCM? what is the scenario and how to do this

Hisham Galal said...

you can save comments on database table, and using custom services you can add, remove, or update comments.

Take a look at Bex Huff book on how to create your custom services.

If you need more help, please ask me.