Saturday, January 24, 2009

ECM Workshop - Dubai

I am currently in Dubai, and I am giving first Oracle UCM workshop there for partners. It's my first visit to Dubai, and I liked it, where everything in Dubai is new and organized.

I finished my first week in the workshop, and I have some comments on the workshop. Before writing my comments, I want to say, this is my second UCM workshop and might be I don't have enough experience in teaching.

My comments are as following
- Workshop attendees are from different knowledge backgrounds, I have Business Analysts, I have coders (only, they need code), I have administrators, and I have technical consultants
- I have fuzzy agenda for the workshop
- I didn't get any support from Oracle guys in Dubai regarding partners Orientation
- Attendees are employees in Oracle Partners, and they need me to give them a complete real scenario for implementing UCM, and everyone has his own scenario
- They want me to compare between UCM and other compatitor products, however no one of them heard about ECM, and any related standards

I don't know if my comments are right or not, but I think partners need more orientation, and If they want to work on ECM market, they will need to learn about ECM concepts in general. Where those partners want to reply on tenders and they want to estimate costs, also they want to design a solution for the customer. I can not learn them everything because of the workshop time, and I am just covering administration , using, and Site Studio.

The problem of choosing workshop attendees, As I saw those partners are not willing to dedicate resources for UCM, but they are catching opportunities and allocating resources according to the opportunity but as an example, the problem if they are allocating developers for that opportunities, the developers will try to customize all the application or building another application using J2EE and making UCM as back-end, where developers have not enough UCM knowledge.

In general I am not satisfied with ECM market in Middle East and especially with UCM.

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