Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally Site Studio 10gR4

Finally I downloaded Oracle Site Studio 10gR4, the latest release. Every time I was trying to download it, it fails. But that's because of internet connection of course, where I am currently in Dubai and internet access from hotel is very expensive, so I access internet from any coffee shop.

Anyway I downloaded it and after I explore it, I will blog on it. I heard about that release from one month in Customer Update Webcast that is being held every three months by Oracle.

You should download it, and try it because of the many enhancements added to it.

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John Sim said...

Another Oracle ECM Blogger :) - 10gR4 is great! I`m just working with JDeveloper planning its integration with Webcenter 11g when thats released..

Keep up the great work; just been looking through some of your useful posts!