Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AD integration in OpenText Hummingbird vs Oracle UCM

I am working in Oracle IDM project currently, and I have to provision users to Hummingbird and Hummingbird in this case integrated with Active Directory. So I were in my mind making a comparison between Oracle UCM and OpentText Hummingbird and I want to share it here.

In Oracle UCM, it is a full integration why because user roles and accounts will be represented in AD as security groups, so I want to give an AD user the contributor role, just assign to him contributor security group form inside AD. Also you can make a custom user attributes from inside UCM to AD user attributes like user manager or any other attribute.

In OpenText Hummingbird especially with Document Management module and Records Management modules, the admin have to import users from AD manually and assign security groups and permissions from inside the system, which means it is not full integration, Hummingbird is just using AD as a repository of users info not a repository for security.

Another thing Oracle UCM is like an open source application it is open, you can change any functionality you want, its database schema is not sealed and the schema is very easy to be used and modified. But Hummingbird's database is not allowing that, if you tried to add new records or delete records, the system will throw exceptions and errors.

In my opinion, Oracle UCM is one of the best applications you can integrate with. So If I am a decision maker I will always choose UCM because of integrations easiness.

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Glen Saldanha said...

Hi Hisham, Would happen to know the steps how SAML SSO can be enabled between OIPM and SOA Suite.