Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bugs in Airplanes

Of course I mean talking about computer programming bugs, the story is I was watching a documentary movie about a crash in airplane in Britain. After researching about reasons of this crash they discovered the following

- Pilots mistake in determining a failed engine, they have two engines one of them not working, the pilots closed the Working one.
When we try to solve a bug we must take our time determine the reason of the bug because when we choose the wrong bug reason, we will waste our time and may crash our program.

- Pilots ride a new airplane, with new technology in it, with only one day training, and the training didn’t focus on difference between the old one and the new one.
When we work in technology and especially data centric systems, we must know that the training will put us in safe side we will be able to predict problems and how to solve them, i.e. the probability of bad surprises will be smaller.

- The pilots didn’t complete their review if their decision is right or wrong because the radar man tower told them to down.
This is like losing your second chance to resolve your problem even there is another task to do, if we can compare between the two risks we will make the right decision.

- People in the airplane, i.e. passengers, noticed that the pilot closed the wrong engine, and even the airplane hospitality staff noticed that, but no one told the pilots.
When we work in team we must not be negative, when one of us see an error, he should tell others and even errors from professional ones.

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