Friday, February 22, 2008

Stellent Nationality

Stellent become popular after it is acquired by Oracle in middle east before that it didn't have a good market in middle east, and I heard some people say Stellent is German company , and others say Stellent is British company this happened because of people presenting Stellent in GITEX Dubai were Germans and British. So I took the following paragraph about Stellent from WikiPedia, that tell us Stellent was American company.

, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, was a software development company which provided content management systems.Stellent's main content management product, formerly known as Universal Content Management, was customizable by means of a proprietary scripting language, "iDoc", and was popular because of prepackaged business applications sold by Stellent with the system. Stellent was acquired by Oracle in November 2006. Their content management system is now sold by Oracle under the name Oracle Universal Content Management as a part of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

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