Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Copyright Benefits

From the first day I worked on a computer in Egypt, Most of the software I work on was copyright illegal, in may university our software was illegal, in work most of the time illegal, and of course in home also.

This becomes a part of our culture if we have the ability to buy we will not buy, not because of money, but we used to do that. Let us think, if we didn't do that, we will need either to buy a software which is expensive to most of Egyptians, or to work on open source software which is the right choose.

Working on open source software, will enhance our understanding about computers, and make us need to invent and produce new open source software to fit our needs. But I think big companies need us to become fellows if we don't have money, i.e. if I don't have money to buy windows, I will work on it illegal and I will not work on other operating systems, so when I will go to work on company with others like me, the company will buy windows to us, and really this is what happen.

I wish for us to work on open source software and become contributors on these softwares.

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