Friday, November 5, 2010

Oracle Referring my blog

Guys I am really sorry for not posting from weeks in my blog.

I was searching for things in Oracle Website and I got my surprised that Oracle is referring to my blog WoW, I didn't how it was helpful for other, and this really is very big responsibility on  me.

I read a book called "A leader who has no title", it explains an important thinking methodology which is "to lead, you don't need a title or a position or a company, start by yourself and work harder. Then everything you need will be in your hands, and everyone will appreciate your efforts and work."

If you are targeting money or a big position in a company, you will lose your focus and you will not be special. Myself, I am always asking myself If I am in the same long queue like others or I left the queue and trying to find some shortcut. By the way If I didn't find the shortcut, I will not be sad, earnings are always higher.

One last thing, I am not Oracle employee, or working in a multinational first class company. Currently I am freelancer trying to depend on myself.

Start by yourself,, don't look at others.

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