Friday, November 5, 2010

Oracle UCM 11g clustered

One of the biggest advantages we got with UCM 11g is that it is being hosted inside Weblogic Application Server. That allows us to create a clustered UCM without big efforts and in my opinion it doesn't need any expert to do that.

I think most of you guys remember clustering with UCM 10g, it was really silly :)

In next lines I will explain to you how to do that, but I will assume that you installed Weblogic Server 10.3.3,  Oracle ECM 11g, and middleware home is "/u01/oracle/middleware":

- $ cd /u01/oracle/middleware/Oracle_ECM1/common/bin
- $ ./
- Create new weblogic domain (or use an existing one if you have)

- Configure domain to support UCM, IBR, and Site Studio

- Name the new domain in this case I named it for demonstration my_domain

- Add the Weblogic admin password

- Choose Production environment

- Configure database connection information, if you are using Oracle database 11gR2 you will gain major feature which using one host name (scan name) and DNS will automatically will take care of load balancing and failover for RAC nodes.

- Next choose the following to configure clustered nodes for UCM and IBR

- Accept the default for the admin server

- In the managed servers page, you will have by default UCM_server1 and IBR_server1, we will add two other managed servers UCM_server2 and IBR_server2

- Next will create two clusters one for UCM and one for IBR

- Under UCM cluster we will add UCM managed servers and under IBR cluster we ill add IBR managed servers

- Next will add two Machines representing two physical machines, and they responsible for communicating with Node Managers on the two nodes we have here

- Add the managed servers and admin server to the Weblogic machines

- Next we can see the UCM cluster is automatically configured to support the required libraries and applications

- JDBC and the other required services is configured automatically

- At the end accept the configurations and you will have a ready UCM cluster on two nodes

The remaining part here is to have a shared storage like SAN for storing vault and weblayout repoistories, in this case also you need to have OS file system cluster. On linux you can use Oracle File System Cluster for doing that.

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