Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chrome OS

I have downloaded Chrome OS, and I tried it. I think it is good OS, light, and suitable for Notebook users. The OS is Linux based on SUSE Linux (as I think), also uses OpenOffice but SUSE release (not Oracle). It is mainly focusing on using Online services offered by Google like google docs, so the main interface used is Chrome browser, not Explorer.exe in Windows.

Really I like the idea, but still for windows users it's hard to make them change, where most windows users are using local storage and services, and they didn't have the Cloud concept. However Google is the only one who has the power to convince users to change.

For me as Fedora user, I think there is no big difference but services and features offered by fedora for me as developer are higher.

Let us see how Google community will improve Chrome OS.

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