Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top 50 Media Gawker passwords

While I was reading articles in ShalshDot website, I read one taking about the top 50 passwords

For me the top passwords I am always facing are
  • welcome1
  • oracle
  • oracle123
  • Oracle10g
  • Oracle11g
  • companyname@password
  • companyname@password123
  • passw)rd
  • admin
  • admin123
  • weblogic1
  • weblogic123
  • weblogic123$
  • password2$
  • companyname123$
Unfortunately, I found those easy passwords in big organizations (some of them multinational ones) in Middle East. I think the best approach to create passwords it to use random password generator. However sometimes I am using one of those passwords for the sake of facilitating implementation and deployment, but system supposed to change them however he isn't doing that. May be in the future I will avoid that.


Amr Ismail Gawish said...

Check this out!

bex said...

autogenerated passwords are kind of tricky to recall... I usually recommend "pass phrases," a long obscure phrase you memorize, then type in the first letter of each word.

Even better... use a passphrase to unlock a SSH key fob, and keep all your passwords there. Just don't lose it ;-)