Monday, December 20, 2010

Collections in UCM 11g

I have noticed that Collections/Folders in UCM 11g release had some changes. One of them is using randomly auto-generated IDs for folders, even for Contribution Folders. I know some guys did integrations using collections database table, which will cause some issues for them. For example if they are depending on using IDs on your development environment then you moved to production, for sure IDs will be totally different.

So how to retrieve Folders under Contribution Folders, without depending on IDs, the answer is using COLLECTION_DISPLAY service with the following parameters:

<$dCollectionPath="/Contribution Folders/"$>

Notice hasCollectionPath took value equal 1 which means true in IdocScript.


Anonymous said...

HI, you can use FolderStructureArchiver to migrate collections to production, rihgt? THus, you can keep the collection ids.

Hisham Galal said...

You can use it however You cannot guarantee it because if the structure has been changed by users it may affect your backup by some way or another