Monday, May 25, 2009

That's what I love in trainings

Today, I got a strange bug with Site Studio 10gR4. I decided in the current workshop to use SS 10gR4, the attendees got a task to test how workflows will be used to modify and approve content before publishing it. The part of workflow approve and reject done with no problems.

But when they tried to use "check out and open" for a word document, and they failed, however the used content server user has both permission of the security group and the workflow step permission to edit. I tried to figure the problem, but I didn't succeed because I was thinking by the logical way (vertical thinking), where every thing is fine, nothing is wrong.

I logged into the content server and by the same previous user I checked out then checked in the same document, no problems I faced. I tried to use "sysadmin" user in the workflow by adding it to a step, and I discovered that sysadmin can use "check out and open" then I tried the same previous user again, and I succeeded to use "check out and open".

Ok I removed sysadmin from the workflow step, I discovered that the same previous user cannot use "check out and open".

I discovered the problem, I created users with no passwords and WebDAV doesn't accept them to use "check out and open" for a content in a workflow.

That is what I love in trainings "bugs"

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