Saturday, May 23, 2009

Egypt from WolframAlpha eyes

Actually I heard about WolframAlpha from my friend Amr Gawish from about month and he explained to me how it will be working, I also read different posts talking about it like Bex's and Billy's posts.

I know Wolfram Mathematica , where I was studying mathematics in faculty (Amr too), and I trust Wolfram because when mathematicians say that they can do something, they will do it :)

I searched for Egypt in WolframAlpha, and I got very good results, I think the best result that I can get, even - for me - better than Wikipedia because when I am searching for a country I want to get fast facts about it. But I think still it to be improved because I searched for other things and I didn't find them.

Well done, Keep on Wellfram.

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