Friday, May 15, 2009

Philosophy of The Last Samurai

I like that movie because we can learn a lot about management, in the following lines I will write in brief what we can learn

- At the beginning of the movie when they tried to hire "Nathan Algren" in the Japanese army, they found him drunk however he was able to shoot by the gun perfectly

When you have the experience in some field, you can do any task related to that field easily and quickly

- When Nathan was learning how to fight like samurai, someone told him to concentrate

While we are working, we should concentrate on our work and we should forget anything else especially personal staff

- When he was learning how to fight like Samurai, the teacher was tough with him

The teacher was tough because he wants Nathan to be like him

- The Samurai leader was responsible for entertaining his community

Managers should not forget that there should be a time for giving a break to employees

- When the Samurai fighters decided to fight against an army with guns, they didn't choose to learn how to fight using guns

Because they are not perfect in using guns and they are perfect with swords, can kill more people.


Michael Plant said...

I really enjoyed your analogies, well put good sir!

Hisham Galal said...

I like to learn from movies :)

I wish to have a time to post about Lord of The Rings too which has a lot of lessons we can learn from.