Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama In My University

Actually, from long time we heard that Obama will speak in an Islamic Nation, where he wants to send to Muslims around the world a message. I am Egyptian, and I was sure that it will be in Egypt, because Egypt is Islamic and Arab country, and we have one of the biggest Islamic organizations in the world Azhar, and may be the oldest one. Also Egypt is a very safe country.

But I don't care if Obama will give his speech in Egypt or Indonesia. The only thing that surprised me is that his speech will be in Cairo University (my university) and in the same place where Dr. Ahmed Zewail were giving a lecture in physics from about 5 years, and I was there. I am happy because I love my university :) and I wish it will return as a leader in education again.


André Almeida said...

Hi Hisham,
Any photos of your "trip" to Nigeria?

Hisham Galal said...

Soon I will add some.

Khaled Teilab said...

egypt is a very safe country! akher marah kont fi masr, kont fi 7etah 2orayebah menak. share3 el3aressh (elharam) shoft khena2ah been wa7ed rakeb lancer we sawa2 toktok. sawa2 eltoktok ra7 gab ezazet 7agah sa23ah men eltoktok 3shan yedrab beta3 el lancer. sawa2 el lancer dakhal 3arabeetoh we tala3 mosadas. begad ya3ni very safe country.